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Pitch Design
Mechanic Design
Video Analysis
Remote Analysis
Pitching Sparring Club

Pitch Design

Our trainers will work with the athlete on Rapsodo to get complete profiles of all pitches. This will allow us to make effective changes on grips, cues and mechanics to sharpen or create new pitches. It will also allow us to identify which pitches profile best with each other. This will allow for more deception. It will also tell us which pitch to create so it matches current pitches best.


*Call For Pricing

*Can Add 4D and / or Video at a Discount.

Pitching Kinematic Design (4D Kinematic Sequence)


Our trainers use 4D markers to profile the athlete’s movements to see where in the Kinetic Chain they may have breakdowns. These markers show how the athlete moves his body and where he lacks sequence and explosiveness. We will also video the athlete from different angles with high speed cameras to check the 13 most common inhibitors to see mechanical flaws.


  • One-time Assessment

  • 12 weeks – 2 times

  • 18 weeks – 3 times


*Call For Pricing

*This is an Add on to Pitch Design and / or Video at a Discount.


Pitching Video Analysis Program

This course identifies the players’ flaws by looking at the 13 Common Inhibitors – by using high speed cameras from three different angles. We then formulate a strategy to help the player grow, retesting often as we check for progress. We help prescribe movements, drills and exercises that  will effectively help them make change in their mechanics. 

  • 1 time video assessment 

  • 6 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 18 weeks

*Call Or Email To Enroll

*Can Add Pitch Design and / or 4D at a Discount.


Online Pitching Video Analysis Program

This course is the same curriculum as pitching video analytics (above) , it is just done remotely.

We will lay out the pitchers inefficiencies and prescribe drills that help with their particular flaws. 


  • 1 time video assessment 

  • 6 weeks

  • 12 weeks

  • 18 weeks

*Call Or Email To Enroll


Velocity and Arm Care Program

Your athlete will learn the ins and outs in taking proper care of their arm. They will first check in and go through our assessment and question protocol to see what type of intensity we can prescribe,  A proper warm-up, mobility and roll out. They will progress to their Jaeger band series and then Driveline plyo ball routine. Next is modified long toss, where they will learn how to stretch out there arm to build up strength and endurance. The final phase of modified long toss is where they can gain velocity, flattening out their ball and throwing as hard as they can (There will be a ramping up stage built in to ensure the athletes safety). There will be different intensity days that will be monitored by a by a radar gun to verify they are staying with in that percentage. This allows us to build up their strength intelligently without putting your athlete at risk. Last they will complete a recovery cool down.


Monthly Membership: (Days per week) *monthly cost

  • 2 Day: $30 

  • 3 Day: $45

  • 4 Day: $60

  • 5 Day: $70

*Please Note If you want to throw heavy and light ballistics you have to enroll in Baseball Metrix and pass our protocol. 

Pitching Sparring Club


Have your pitcher get live in game-style work. Pitchers need to pitch to real hitters to see if what they are doing is competitive and they can get outs. Pitchers early in the year mock out innings on flat grounds from 45-60 feet. Scripted, charted and observed with a pitching coach there.

Later they will throw live game pens charted, early these will be scripted as well. 


Learn to compete, be a dude and throw all your pitches in any count. 


Monthly Membership: (Days per week) *monthly cost

  • 1 Day: $60 ($15 per visit)

  • 2 Day: $100 ($12.5 per visit) 


*Add Rapsodo for a Discount


*Ask about the sparring club discount if you want to do both pitching and hitting sparring club. 

*Call or Email to Enroll

Velcocity and Arm Cae
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