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​Initial Assessment
  • Movement Screening

  • Prior Injury Assessment

  • Goal Setting

  • Profile Athlete's Force vs Velocity Strength

  • Measure Sprint Time, Throwing Velocity, and Hitting Exit Velocity

First Training Session​

​     *Must Complete Initial Assessment Prior*​

  • Athlete Will Receive Individualized Training Program

  • Coach Guided To Ensure Proper Implementation

Future Training Session​s

  • Athletes Choose 2, 3, or 4 Days Per Week Training Options. 

  • Training Environment Of Constant Supervision

    • Coach to Athlete Ratio of Roughly 1:4 or Better​

  • Instant Feedback Technology​

    • Sprint Timers With Display​

    • Medicine Ball Throwing Station with Radar Display

    • Exit Velocity and Throwing Velocity Stations with MPH Display


  • Force vs Velocity Strength Profile Re-Assessed Every 3 Weeks

  • Training and Hitting Programs Adjusted to Achieve Constant Improvements in performance.

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