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What do we do?

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Our goal is to improve our athlete's sprint times, batting exit velocities, and throwing/pitching velocities. Our athletes receive a plan for Strength & Conditioning, Throwing, and Hitting.

Strength & Conditioning

Our comprehensive strength and conditioning program is specific to the needs of the individual athlete. We will assess each athlete to help them produce the greatest amounts of force when and where they need it most. We begin with a movement screen specific to pitching and hitting. Any inefficiencies found in their movement patterns will be addressed in the athlete's training program. Next, we collect baseline training numbers and learn more about how the athlete produces force using a velocity based training model (VBT). Using the data to build a custom program for the athlete dependent on their unique force-producing capabilities to improve strength and explosiveness where they need it most. The staple of improving baseball/softball performance metrics begins and ends with our athlete-specific strength and conditioning program.


Our throwing plan is designed to improve throwing velocity, throwing movements, and overall arm health. Any mobility issues that may hinder their throwing health and performance will be addressed in their Strength & Conditioning program. Upon beginning our throwing plan, athletes will have their arm path and throwing motion evaluated, as well as gather initial performance measurements. Our throwing plan is a comprehensive arm care, plyo ball, long toss, and velocity throwing program that safely on-ramps and builds an athlete's ability to throw safely and hard. It is designed to be accompanied simultaneously and in harmony with our Strength & Conditioning plan.



Much like our Strength & Conditioning and Throwing plans, hitters will be evaluated for movement inefficiencies in their swings upon joining Diamond Metrix. Any movement inefficiencies will be addressed in their training programs. The main goal of our hitting plan is to get hitters to produce maximal amounts of force and power from their swings to achieve peak exit velocities. Hitting plans will include exit velocity development, and some instruction.

For more information on  DIAMOND Metrix Strength & Conditioning, please click here.



Looking for More? More indepth instruction?

Looking for more indepth pitching instruction or pitch design?   


Pitch Pharm is your answer!!!

Pitchers looking to build their pitch arsenal may utilize our advanced program called Pitch Pharm for our pitch designing capabilities. We utilize K-Vest Motion Sensors and Rapsodo technology to craft a pitcher's arsenal.

For more information on Pitch Pharm, please click here.

Looking for more then just exit velocity? Looking to clean up your swing and become a real hitter?

BridgeBox is what you are looking for!!!

BridgeBox offers a swing design course, video analytics classes and small group. BridgeBox offers hitters the ability to create a in depth profile of their swing using K-Vest, Blast Bat Sensors, BodiTrak Force Plate, HitTrax, and more. Performance and profiling will be monitored and incrementally assessed to aid in the hitters development and overall understanding of their swing performance. They also will become aware of who they are as a hitter with detailed reports of where they are most effective in the zone, hard hit data, how often they are in the air. It is a best of both worlds fixing swing flaws while working on hitting approach and getting game like work.

For more information on BridgeBox, please click here.

Reverse Diamond Metrix Logo.png
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